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Our Trading Plans

Choose from the Bounty Box trade algorithms and get your NFT fliping from our automated Artifitial NFT Trade machine. watch your account trade profitably without your actions.

This is a smart NFT flipper AI bot developed by a team of NFT experts and professionals to automate the acquisition and sales of NFT assets and collectibles ranging from music, arts, real estates, pictures, short videos all done in a Dentralized trading box.
The bounty box has come to make trading the NFT more flexible and profitable for investors and NFT enthusiasts. The bounty box AI trading bot has eliminate the idea of trader haven to wait for a suitable price before trading which always does not come by easily.
With Bounty box the flipping bot does the trades using a decentralized blocked Algorithm. To trade without human interference which guarantees investors steady profit on their purchased NFT bundles.
Bounty Box Will Also Reward You With its Community tokens when you refer or Buy a Plan.
The BBX token will be launched in the Decentralized exchange and date will be determined by the governance token. While waiting you can be making daily earning in FDUSD from your trade flips.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • A Smart NFT flipping AI bot, that Automate the acquisition and sales of NFT asset and collectable.

    • NO. The BountyBox Automated AI Does the Trade flips without interference.
    • Yes, BountyBox has no limit to the number of NFT assets you can acquire. Trade plans can be purchased in multiply trades.
    • It is easy to trade with.
    • Uses a Decentralized flipping algorithm.
    • Gives you profitable trades on a daily basis.
    • Has no human interference.
    • Uses Secured algorithm.
    • Speed.
    • BBX Token is a community token reward distributed to BountyBox traders and community with its value-base to be determined by BBX overall liquidity trade up volume.
    • The BBX Token is a governance token which will be launched in a Decentralized Exchange with an initial value be decided by the community.
    • Yes. Holders can Transfer BBX Token within user BSC Wallet.
    • The minimum daily withdrawal is 20 FDUSD
    • The Maximum daily withdrawal is 500,000 FDUSD
    • Fund the following wallets with FDUSD
    • Metamask
    • Trust Wallet
    • Klever Wallet
    • Token Pocket
    • Assets can be flipped minimum of 30 days and maximum of 6 Months
    • BountyBox is founded by a team of professional NFT traders and enthusiasts whom have been in the crypto currency industry for over 8 years.
    • BountyBox AI bot has been audited and strategically developed to withstand unwanted threats in the cryto space hence requires the need for an approved withdrawal authenticating check
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    BBX- NFT Assets Now Available

    We flip trades from many variations of our nfts ranging from Collectibles, Music, Arts and Meme. Explore our dynamics from our nft galleries bellow.

    Books Arts

    50+ Items

    music Arts

    50+ Items

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