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Order Date:     Jan 17, 2021

Order Status: Paid

Order ID: #123456

Billing Address
Kheby Doe
125 Lorem Ave, Suite 512
Miami, FL 94107
P: (123) 456-7890
Shipping Address
Nil Yeager
123 Lorem Ave, Suite 845
Miami, FL 94107
P: (123) 456-7890
# Item Quantity Unit Cost Total
1 Laptop
Brand Model VGN-TXN27N/B 11.1" Notebook PC
1 $1799.00 $1799.00
2 Warranty
Two Year Extended Warranty - Parts and Labor
3 $499.00 $1497.00
80cm (32) HD Ready LED TV
2 $412.00 $824.00
All accounts are to be paid within 7 days from receipt of invoice. To be paid by cheque or credit card or direct payment online. If account is not paid within 7 days the credits details supplied as confirmation of work undertaken will be charged the agreed quoted fee noted above.

Sub-total: $4120.00

VAT (12.5): $515.00

$4635.00 USD

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